The Campus Business Portal enables college and university business leaders to search for business partners that offer particular services to the higher education marketplace. Searches are possible by geographic area, topical focus and type of service.

Potential business partners provide accurate contact information as well as data regarding certifications as women- or minority-owned businesses. Advanced listings include the opportunity to include client lists, marketing, whitepapers, or other relevant information to help decision-makers differentiate among potential partners.

While the Campus Business Portal is now available to the higher education community, this a work in progress. Currently there are over one hundred companies listed in seventy topic areas. Listings are expected to grow to include thousands of international, national and regionally-focused enterprises. If you are a quality provider of services in the higher education marketplace, register today. If you are looking for such a provider, try the search function now and check back often to watch us grow.

What areas can we help in?

Marketing and advertising your business – Are you looking for more customers?  We can help with marketing plans to help you succeed.  Learn to market and advertise safely.